Friday, August 10, 2007

Peach Fest in Penticton

Well today we are off to Penticton to help them celebrate their long standing tradition of celebrating peaches at the "Peach Festival". Since I am a regular columnist of the Penticton Herald I have been invited up by the Editor to do a couple of book signings and hopefully some impromtu cooking shows at a local restaurant. If these shows come about, it will be sort of a Iron Chef with peaches as the secret ingredient... with no challenger... just the audience of samplers to please!
Also there's a good chance of having a bit of a reunion with some of the guys I used to work with at Earls Landsdowne. A few of them now live and work in the Okanagan and it would be great to see them. I will update you on the Festival when I get back.

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Asger said...

Hey Dez
Good to catch up to you at Agrifair. I loved your grilled chicken with blueberry salsa and the pizza. Sorry I couldn't hang around much. See you soon.