Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Day 9 of 9 "Spoons & Tunes": Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans

I'm a little bit late posting this blog entry - I got home very late last night, so I haven't had a chance until now. However, it was an uneventful day of traveling, so I guess that is good news! 12 of us flew
home together on 2 flights - the first one to Denver, and the second to home in Vancouver. The remaining 8 guests decided to stay an extra day and are making their way home today.

Like I mentioned, yesterday was uneventful... well except there was a strong, but brief storm that came into New Orleans yesterday morning. Thunder, lightning, wind, hail, ...you name it! I could see Royal Street from my 11th floor room and it was completely flooded as the storm drains were all back up and overflowing. Very briefly I was concerned about getting to the airport. However, it seems that for the most part these storm bursts are brief, and it was sunny and hot again before too long.

We said goodbye to our Tour Manager Derek at the hotel and then said goodbye to our driver Alvin at the airport - they were great and really complimented the 2018 Chef Dez Culinary Tour.

Both of our flights were on time, we said goodbye to each other once landing, leaving with great memories to cherish from this incredible trip to Nashville, Memphis, & New Orleans!
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