Monday, April 23, 2018

1 Week to Go - Don't Miss Out - BOOK NOW!

           This is your last chance to join us on the next Chef Dez Culinary Tour this October 2018. We have 17 people booked with paid deposits and we are going to have a blast! CUT OFF DATE TO BOOK FOR THIS TOUR IS MAY 1, 2018.  
           One of the biggest influences of my career, and what I enjoy the most, is the inspiration and interaction of people. To put it simply, we all have taste buds and eat food everyday, so we have a common denominator; we can connect and relate. However, for me, it goes beyond that. Food is life in so many ways, and I find it brings out the best in people and thus gives me a window of opportunity to experience their personalities and what makes them tick.

            It is because of this passion I have for people and food that I have become a Culinary Travel Host along with all the other hats I wear. Normally my connection with a certain individual is quite short during a cooking class, book signing, or public appearance, so I truly look forward to spending extended timeframes with people. This gives us a chance to broaden our shared passion and our connection with each other.
            This will be the first culinary tour I have done without my friend and business partner Caryn Zimmerman. Unfortunately after a short, but fierce, battle with cancer she passed away June 27, 2017. I miss her dearly. I know in my heart that she would want these tours that we created to continue on successfully, so it is in her honour that I dedicate this tour and all future ones. Here is a little note she gave to me upon the completion of our last tour together (PEI 2016).
            With Caryn's blessing. I have partnered with Collette Travel to bring you my next culinary tour. It is scheduled for this October 2018 and you have an opportunity to travel with me as we eat
our way through Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. It is aptly named the Chef Dez “Spoons & Tunes” Culinary Tour because of the vast musical reputation and history of these cities in America.

            So many folks first assume that a culinary tour is just about food and cooking classes, but for me and my tours it is much more than that. I create adventures that take people to an area of the world to not only celebrate and experience cuisine, but also history, art, architecture, lifestyle and more. Basically, to sum it up, we go to an area of the world to experience how they live.

            With me as their host, we have already taken people to beautiful and historic Savannah GA in 2014, toured the deep-rooted state of Texas in 2015, and submersed ourselves in the cuisine and agriculture of Prince Edward Island in 2016. The experiences we have had, and the ones to come, fall well into the realms of bucket list journeys. With the connections that we have in the travel and culinary worlds, we create experiences that you could not do for the same price. We do our best to give you the best experience possible, and I know you will be impressed with the itinerary and accommodations we have lined up for this 2018 tour. Return airfare from Vancouver is included in the itinerary price, but if you live in a different area, my travel agent will arrange this change for you. Her name is Colleen Forrest and her contact info is on the itinerary found on my website at

            Going on a travel vacation with an organized tour has so many benefits. The research has been done for you, all of the most important details have been taken care of, and you get ample time on your own to explore. This along with all of the friendships you will form during the process, makes for an unforgettable holiday and life experience. We also have full Wi-Fi  onboard our luxurious coaches as well as a washroom for your comfort when traveling between cities.

            Also, with Big Green Egg Canada as one of my sponsors, one of our travel guests will WIN a
large size Big Green Egg (complete with stand and shelves) valued at over CAD$1600 though the official Chef Dez Scavenger Hunt.

            Whatever way you choose to broaden your gastronomic horizons is a step in the right direction. Even if it is not in your cards to go on a culinary tour, food can be used as a catalyst to enhance people’s lives and enrich relationships in many different ways – and that is never a bad thing. Even if you don’t want your adventures to leave the comfort of your home, you can live and experience in what seems like endless cuisines just from your cookbook collection and resources like the internet.

I do hope you can join us on this incredible journey. I would be so grateful and I know you will have an amazing time. Remember you only have 1 WEEK LEFT - Please BOOK BY MAY 1, 2018.
Until next time... Happy Cooking.

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