Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter dinner at Mom's tonight

Everyone who knows me and/or experienced my passion for food and people has become aware that it stems from a great love that has been passed on to me from my Mom. She and I have spent many great times together and tonight will once again be reunited in the kitchen in love for family and the special relationships that we all share together at such gatherings. Where some may feel that this subject of a blog should be reserved for Mother's Day, I feel inside of me that relationships (with your Mother, Father, Sibling, Partner, Child, Friend, etc.) should be celebrated whenever, and as much as, possible.

In this rare early photo of me and my Mom together, I am reminded of the bond that we have shared from the very beginning. Sure there were obviously times that we have disagreed, and even argued, but those times are only of the past and serve no purpose to the complete enjoyment of today`s times that we share together.

My Mom glows all of the time, but especially when all of her children and grandchildren are brought together for special occasions such as these. We will all gather at her home tonight and because busy lives interfere with everyday communication, it will be a great time to get caught up with my siblings and their children.

I, as always, am invited into the kitchen to not only carve the traditionally turkey, but to assist my Mom in bringing the final touches to everything being served. This is a perfect opportunity for us to not only rekindle our special bond, but to celebrate it once again.

She has passion in everything she does, and it shows in even the smallest things, like preparing sushi for her one granddaughter and fiance because they do not eat meat, and wants them to feel as special as everyone else tonight. Otherwise it will be a very traditional meal of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and many vegetables... however, the main course will be the conversations we all share and the embracement of each other.
Whether you are getting together with family this weekend or not, I do wish everyone health and happiness in everything you do... but especially to recognize that mealtime doesn`t have to be a chore, but a catalyst for bringing people together and building/celebrating relationships.
"Happy Easter"... and to those that don`t celebrate "Easter", then this translates to me wishing you "Happy Life... and whatever this moment brings you".

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