Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What's with that Hair? Maybe I am just old!

These days people in general are more politically correct, and I feel that we, as a society, are more accepting of others than we have ever been before. I like to believe that I am of that same theory, but sometimes I encounter something that makes me do a double-take. Makes me stop in my tracks with my jaw wide open and say "What? Why?"

This doesn't happen to me that often, but I want to share one of these WTF moments with you. Yes, I am talking about Nick Cannon's hair in this photo from his hosting of America's Got Talent. Now, for the record, I have never been a fan of the "man bun" hairstyle that seems to have grown in popularity, but I have come to accept it... but this! This is... I am at a loss for words. What is this? When I first saw him with this hairstyle I couldn't speak. What in the world, or who in the world, made him do that to his hair? ...and more importantly, why? Is he hoping to be the leader of a new hair trend that is going to sweep the world. My dear Lord, I hope not.

Now, I am trying my hardest to understand and live life without judgement, but he is making it nearly impossible for me to do so. Now, for the record, I don't know much about Nick Cannon except that he is in this TV role and he was married to Mariah Carey, or is he still - I apologize, neither one of them are in the genre of music I prefer, so I don't keep track of these things. Nick Cannon however appears that he is a respectable, intelligent, and good looking young man - am I wrong with saying that? Again I don't know much about him. But I would have to question my son's sanity if he ever wanted to do his hair like that, or my daughter's sanity if she ever brought home a boy that had hair like that.

I know, I know, how narrow-minded I must be to place judgement on someone because of a hairstyle, but come on. Let's put the politically correct masks of our opinions aside for a moment and take a good look at that hair. I am sure deep down inside of you, when you first saw that "do", you said "wow, I like his hair" - I doubt it very much. Maybe you were a bigger person than I am and didn't criticize it aloud, but you did/do share my same thoughts... don't you?

Am I just getting old? Is stuff like this going to keep testing my acceptance level? Overall, I am a pretty accepting person I feel, but I guess this proves to me that I am not perfect? What are your thoughts on this? Am I just getting to be on old fuddy-duddy? Is the fact that I am even using the term "fuddy-duddy" prove that I AM old already? Or are you with me on these thoughts about this hair???

Until next time... Happy Cooking... and Happy Good Hair Days!


Anne Black said...

Omg, I'm laughing my guts out, Cheffie; you do go on...hellarious.. Anyways, the good thing is, it's nice and tidy...I can't say I love it but it's OK and I've definitely seen worse ...how about when men do such odd things trying to cover their bald spot. OH AND BTW what about Trump's ugly mess ... It doesn't get much worse than that!!!!

Chef Dez said...

Glad you enjoyed the post Anne! True - it is nice and tidy and better than Trump's hair!!