Friday, September 23, 2016

Where are You Getting your Information From?

Life in today's world is overloaded with information. There are so many constant sources of information in our lives nowadays that, in many cases, it is hard to know what is real and what is not. A smart man I know has got me in the habit of always asking a very simple question regarding anything: "Where are you getting your information from?"

Before getting too involved, excited, distraught, or overwhelmed with "new" information in your life, take a step back and ask yourself that very same question. Sometimes we are too quick to react without first quickly analyzing where the information is coming from. If the source of the information could be biased or unreliable, then we need to know that first before investing our emotions any further. If it is information that you feel could be pertinent to your life or lifestyle, then further investigation is needed if the source's reliability is uncertain. If the information is not relevant to your life or lifestyle, then don't waste your time or energy with it.

Any information about literally anything can be filtered with this very simple question.
In the way of nutrition and making good food choices, there is one source that I have always trusted. Sure there are other sources, but if I was to admit to which one I remember the most for so many years, it would be: Diana Steele. How I first discovered her was on nutrition segments on the news, and she still does them. In fact it was just the other day I was watching her on the Global BC TV Noon News when I realized that it has been many years that I have been taking in advice from her. In my opinion, the tips and information she gives out are solidly reliable and none of her suggestions has ever struck me as extreme. Her and Adrienne Dall'Antonia are both Registered Dieticians and have a website at - check it out sometime. They even have an "Ask a Dietician" feature so you can make direct inquiries about specific areas that are relevant to you.

You may not feel that you need a dietician's advice in your life, but let's face it, we all eat food everyday to stay alive. Thus any good nutritional advice will be useful to some degree. Following a Dietician does not mean you are a "health nut" or that you have to eliminate all your bad eating habits (Lord knows I have a few of those); what it means is that you take in trusted information that will compliment your lifestyle to the degree and ways you feel is necessary. Any improvement in our eating habits is a good improvement, and it just makes sense to work towards a well-balanced diet the best way we can... as long as you know where you are getting your information from.

Until next time... Happy Cooking!

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