Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 10 of 9 in Prince Edward Island

Well here's the update, albeit late (like our arrival), to the last part of our trip from Prince Edward Island:

We ended up having to wait at the Charlottetown airport for quite some time, and so WestJet came through with $15 dinner meal vouchers for all of us to spend at the airport consession/restaurant. We also received our new flight itineraries for the next day: 8 of our group would be flying directly to Vancouver, while I and two others would be flying into Abbotsford via a connection through Edmonton.

Our plane finally arrived in Prince Edward Island and by local time of 9:35pm we were in the air. This didn't help us in getting our connecting flight in Toronto, we would still be missing it, but at least we were on our way.
Once we arrived in Toronto, collected our bags, and got our hotel vouchers for the night, it was 1:30am local time. WestJet also gave us $30 each in meal vouchers to spend at the airport in the morning for breakfast. Most of our group were put up in the Toronto Airport West Hotel, while the 3 of us that were flying to Abbotsford were put up at the Hilton. By the time we got to the hotels via shuttles, and checked into our rooms, we had only about TWO HOURS to sleep before having to get up and start heading back to the airport for our early morning flights.

Once we arrived at the airport, we were advised at bag check-in that the flight to Edmonton for the 3 of us had been cancelled. The 8 that were flying direct to Vancouver had no problem and were scheduled to leave on time, but the 3 of us had to be rerouted through Calgary on 2 separate flights. With a one hour difference in flights we met up in Calgary and waited together for our last and final flight to Abbotsford which came through without a hitch.

Everything cannot be perfect with air travel, and one has to expect to be delayed every now and then, but in this case WestJet came through for us. Not only did they accommodate us with hotels and meal vouchers, they also placed all of us in first class free of charge.

Our plane landed in Abbotsford at 1:20pm local time on Thanksgiving Day, and by 2:30 I was walking in the door of our home to the warm inviting aroma of turkey and the embrace of my wife and children. It was a good day after all.

Until next time... Happy Cooking!

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