Saturday, October 8, 2016

PART 2 - Day 8 of 9 in Prince Edward Island

For those of you waiting patiently to find out what happened tonight, here is my final, part 2, blog entry for today.

Caryn and I went back to Sim's Corner Steakhouse, before our tour guests, to help get the room ready and organize all the prizes.
This private room was the perfect spot, complete with our own private bar:

We made sure there were enough prizes for everyone: Cloth Bags, T-shirts, Aprons, etc. and of course the main prize of the large Big Green Egg - no, we didn't bring that with us on the trip - that would sure make for one heck of a carry-on, wouldn't it?

Caryn had been working on the menu with Sim's for quite some time:
...and their hard efforts sure paid off. There were 3 appetizers to choose from, 4 entrees to choose from, and 2 desserts to choose from. What would you have chosen if you were there? I chose the Seafood Chowder, Grilled 10oz PEI Striploin, and the Sticky Date Pudding. The whole meal was phenomenal! This is a classic steakhouse and the portions were large and the flavours were great. My striploin especially was so tender and flavourful.

One surprise we had for the group, and we didn't tell them until 10 minutes beforehand, was that we arranged for Nate and Kate to perform for us privately at this event for 2 hours. We were so impressed with them last night from their performance at our hotel (see my blog post from yesterday) that Caryn put the wheels in motion to make this happen for our group tonight. 
Again, they have amazing voices together and if you ever get the opportunity to hear them live - do it!
Our guests were captivated by them once again and they made the night that much more enjoyable for everyone.

And we also celebrated Judie's Birthday together:
Even Nate and Kate sang Happy Birthday to her! Happy Birthday Judie! This is my second time travelling with Judie as she also came on the Chef Dez Culinary Tour to Savannah GA in 2014. It was great to share this special occasion with you.

Ok, now the moment you have all been waiting for.
We had 9 tour guests traveling with us, and all of them took part in this 3rd Official Chef Dez Scvavenger Hunt. It was a very tight and competitive race and only 7 of the 9 completed ALL the items/tasks for the total of 26 points. All of them however, went home with a prize of some sort this evening. We did a reverse draw with all 7 people's names in the bin pulling out one name at a time, and the name left in the bin at the end was the winner! Who was the winner, you ask?
Well the winner was one of a husband/wife couple, and the funny thing is from the very first day we were on our way here to PEI, we were all calling them the VIP's... Not because we knew what was going to happen, but just because of a small mix-up of our seats on our connecting flight. They were taken from the group and while we were all in the group section at the back of the plane, they got placed in the Emergency Exit Row and had all the leg room in world. From that moment on, they started joking that they were VIP's, and it stuck.

As a matter of fact, it stuck so well, that...
...Don S. of Maple Ridge, BC (one of the two nick-named VIP's) ended up being the grand prize winner of the large Big Green Egg, courtesy of Big Green Egg Canada and Grand Pappy's Home Furniture in Chilliwack!
Congratulations Don & Flo! This also makes for a great 60th wedding anniversary present to you both! You guys fought hard to gather all the necessary points to be in the final draw for this prize, and you made it to the end! Your new Big Green Egg will bring you many years of enjoyment! You guys are now official EGGheads! Welcome to the club.

Until next time... Happy Cooking!

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Congrats from one egghead to another. 😊