Monday, August 13, 2007


What a beautiful drive it was arriving in the Okanagan. As we gazed out at magnificent Lake Okanagan I said to Katherine "Why do we not live here?" The rolling hills spotted with vineyards and orchards makes for the perfect backdrop for this pristine lake... and as a chef I was getting excited about all of the fresh locally available produce and array of wines.

Then realization set in, and I began to remember that all areas are beautiful and bountiful in their own ways... and the Fraser Valley is also very abundant in local produce and wines.

My book signing at Okanagan Books went as scheduled and I met many great people in Penticton. The population of this community of approximately 38,000 over triples for the weekend of Peach Fest so the streets and events were very packed with people, but it was fun nonetheless. My son Noah enjoyed his very first Parade... and his first lollipop! Katherine and I sampled some great food and some even better wines. We arrived home yesterday with a collection of 4 great whites (even though we are mainly red wine drinkers!) and some local peaches, plums, blackberries, and of course garlic!
Unfortunately, there was not enough time to perform any peach cooking shows, but we already have our sights set on next year's Peach Fest and hopefully this time arranging a cooking stage and creating some great peach recipes!

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