Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9 of 9 in Prince Edward Island

Because of the huge meal at the wrap-up dinner last night, and because of brunch scheduled for 12:30pm today, my breakfast (as you can see) was very small (it reminds me of a breakfast in Savannah GA - look at the orbs!).

Wow, all the eating on this tour has been amazing and abundant... And this muffin at the hotel wasn't bad either.

In the lobby, Caryn collected all the evaluation forms and we had a very leisurely morning.
These forms are really important to us so we can re-evaluate what we are doing right/wrong and improve for future Chef Dez Culinary Tours. I would bet money that Chef Michael Smith was the highlight.

The Brickhouse Kitchen & Bar is one of the few places we hadn't tried yet as a group, and the menu for brunch was inviting:
We all placed our orders and this place is obviously very popular as the kitchen was hopping! Our Server, Juliette was very good and recognized that we would have a bit of a wait and brought plates of scones for everyone in the meantime:

Here are the shots of the food we ordered. Try to match these photos with the menu items (listed above) and also try to choose which is the one I ordered:
So... What do you think? Which meal was mine?

We were wowed once again with yet another fabulous meal. Prince Edward Island is a Mecca of culinary delights and to anyone that is interested, I highly, highly recommend making the journey here.

Afterwards, we all went back to the Great George Hotel to hang out together in their grand lobby, reminiscing and sharing stories of this wonderful island journey.
Don, our "VIP", and our Big Green Egg winner, had a couple of small single-serve bottles of scotch in his pocket... we grabbed a couple of paper cups, stashed the empty bottles quickly into the garbage, and secretly sipped on our "coffees". People noticed that we were really happy, and they also noticed afterwards that I fell asleep for an afternoon nap!

The Great George Hotel was gracious enough for us to have a late checkout at Noon, and they stored our bags in a secured room until our bus arrived at 3:15pm to load our luggage.
They also had a nice washroom off the lobby for us to use to freshen up if needed before departing for the airport.

With the luggage now loaded on the bus, we headed off to the airport. Charlottetown airport is very small, much like Abbotsford, and with Charlottetown, being very small, we were there and bags checked in no time.

When we arrived we were informed that our flight was delayed due to maintenance issues, and we will be missing our connecting flight in Toronto and WILL NOT be arriving in Vancouver tonight. Yes, being Thanksgiving weekend, scenes of Planes, Trains, & Automobiles are playing through my head - luckily we have no shower curtain ring salesmen with us on the tour.

It is currently 6:35pm local time here and we will not be lifting off for another 2.5 hours. Westjet will be putting all of us up at the airport hotel in Toronto and hopefully out on the earliest flights tomorrow.
This is completely out of our control, but it still sucks. I called my wife to advise her that she will be on her own for getting Thanksgiving dinner ready for us tomorrow. My kids are disappointed too, and I feel bad, and I am disappointed, but we cannot control it, so we are doing our best to stay positive that we will make it home at a half decent time tomorrow. Caryn is off talking to Westjet right now.

I will update the situation with another blog post from Toronto... Keep your fingers crossed for us please.

Until next time... Happy Cooking! ...or at least I hope my wife will find some happiness in the situation if she has to cook without me tomorrow.

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