Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Do You Remember Your First Car?

          People who know me, know that I love food & cooking as much as I love cars. I haven't always been this way - this passion for cars was started by my best friend Dave. From as far back as I have known him (since grade 4), Dave has always loved cars. We have shared many car memories together, including the time I got my first car.
          On the day I turned 16, I was in the Driver's License Office the same day applying for my learner's license. Back then it was just a quick written exam and I walked out with it in my hand. 30 days later, after a road test, I had my full driver's license and I was so happy. The only thing restricting this new found freedom, was the absence of my own set of wheels. That year however, my Dad changed all that for me and got me my first car: a 1965 Chevrolet Impala!
          He told me he still had to finalize the deal, and I would have the car by the end of the week. I was so excited that the next few days seemed like years. But what was a 1965 Impala? What was it going to look like? I had no idea, so I called Dave. We had a long conversation on the phone with him describing in detail what seemed like every curve, option, and style of the 65 Impala.
          When I finally got it, I was so happy and Dave was right about everything he told me. Was it a perfect car? No, of course not, but that didn't matter.
          It had some rust, and the interior wasn't great, but it was mine! I loved that car so much and it wasn't long before her and I went everywhere together. Me and my friends became known as the Chevy Gang in Junior High as I was one of the very few that drove, let alone having a car that was my own! I have so many great memories of that car, but I have two regrets: 1. I never did "name" her, and 2. Selling her.
          Before long, I had the car "bug" and I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel of other cars, and thus unfortunately she got tossed aside and eventually sold. Now that I am older, and I am sure that many people feel the same way, I wish I never sold her. My Mom did the transaction for me and sold it to friends of my sister for only $100 because they were in need of a vehicle and didn't have a lot of money to spend on one. Bless my Mom's heart (she has always been so caring of other people).
          There have been many times I have wondered what happened to that old car, and a few of those times I played Private Investigator to try to figure out the mystery, but never had any success. I don't have a serial number, just this one sole photo and a bunch of great memories. ICBC has told me that it would be possible to look it up based on that license plate in the photo, but because the records are so old, it would have to be a criminal investigation for them to be authorized to access this information. I on the other hand think it is criminal to keep this information from me! I know she probably isn't around, perhaps she's just pop cans by now, but I just want to know for sure. This was a love affair between man and machine that has never left my mind.
          Do you remember your first car? What was it? Do you know where it is today? I would love to hear your stories about. Oh, and if there's a chance you work for ICBC... maybe you could pull a few strings? On that note... Happy Cooking to you, and Happy Driving!

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